ISO Playlist Prep

Have all of your wonderful wedding plans for 2020 been scuppered by the virus that shall not be named?! I am absolutely sure that if you are anything like me, when you considered the prospect of wedding insurance, and all of the fathomable instances it might come in handy … a worldwide virus originating from a Chinese bat, was not one of them!

But alas here we are… with nothing to do but take one day at a time, surrendering to the will of Boris and wishing a swift end to this perplexing time, so that our glorious lives with all of their milestones and merriments may resume.

In the meantime, why not let’s focus on fine tuning those elements of our wedding that we didn’t give a ton of thought to the first time round? The bits you kind of glossed over due to lack of time. A sure fire way to ensure that when your mighty celebration goes ahead, it will not just be postponed – it will be perfect.

Imagine the splendour of a playlist created by you and your beau, that’s had hours of iso-time and love ploughed into it?! Not only will this be oozing with personality and sentiment; you can enjoy it together on a Friday night (perhaps with a few bevvies whilst refining your finest dance moves in the living room?!). Or treat yourself to some exceptional backing music whilst you whip up your weekly iso-banana bread…

All you need is each other, some Wi-fi and a music app such as Spotify or YouTube. YouTube and Spotify are excellent at recommending tracks similar to those that you’ve already searched for – this will help to fuel your creative flare! Decide which part of your day you’d like to soundtrack – and get stuck in!

Happy Playlist-Planning Party People x

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